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Operation Bag of Home

Operation Bag of Home!
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for the tracking of and organization of Operation Bag of Home!

Operation Bag of Home is an organization of people sending specific items overseas to help support the troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We are in the process of becoming a 501(c)3, nonprofit charitable organization, but until then we are in desperate need of more donations!

This campaign consists of volunteers across the United States and Canada who have graciously donated their time and money! Thank you to everyone who has provided and will continue to provide, and will provide in the future: fabric, sewn/knit/crocheted baggies, financial support, bag stuffings, and most importantly addresses of service members overseas to receive our donations!

Every box we send will be filled with hand-made bags small enough to easily fit inside the service member's cargo pant pocket. Inside the bags are basic sanitary needs - like a "shower away from home", and a few goodies. *UPDATE: The newer USPS boxes allow me to ship 25 bags per box!!*

Together with Homespun Helpers, we are hoping to supply troops with these pouches throughout 2008 and beyond!

We are starting with an idea of "themed" bags so that it's easier to buy items to fill one bag. See This Post for details on that.

Please join us!! Make a post, or email us at operationboh@ yahoo. com (without the spaces) if you have any questions or concerns.


+We Need Bag Constructors: We need bags! We only have ONE supplier right now, and she works 2 full time jobs. Please help! The dimension are: 5" tall by 4" wide, or 4" x 4" - knitted, crocheted, sewn... with a drawstring, velcro, or button closure.

+We Need Goodie-Buyers: We also need people who are willing to buy the stuffers for the bags! Items are generally dollar items, small hand sanitizers, travel size 'wet ones', chapsticks, tooth paste and brushes, qtips, toilet seat covers, individually wrapped candies, 20oz water bottle drink pouch mixes, travel size toilet paper rolls, etc. A dollar isn't a lot, but we send 25 bags per box, and it takes just over 5$ minimum to fill one bag!

+We Need Financial Support: We are also in need of financial support. Whatever little bit you can send will help, from 5$ to 50$. Every bit is much appreciated. Contact the moderators for more information at the e-mail address: operationboh@ yahoo .com (without the spaces) Financial support can be a cashiers check, money order, visa/mastercard gift card, target, wal-mart, CVS, Walgreens, etc. gift cards...

Please fill out the brief survey below and post it here, once you have joined. The entries are screened, so no one but riseabove & joriejc2 will see them.

E-mail address:
How you heard about Operation Bag of Home:
Which of the following would you like to participate in: Construction of bags - Buying/supplying Goodies for the bags - Financial support - Shipping to troops
Would you be willing to be a Point Person?:

**Please note that the only people who will be authorized to ship to troops are those with direct communication with service members. We will NOT BE GIVING OUT APO/FPO ADDRESSES TO ANYONE. If you know someone overseas and want to sponsor their troop/company/etc. you must supply the address to riseabove for tracking purposes only.

A bit about me riseabove... My name is Chriss and I'm a 26 year old student studying Criminal Justice in college currently. My husband is in Iraq for his 2nd tour with the USArmy. I have several friends overseas, and have sponsored several "adopted" soldiers and Marines. I work in the animal welfare industry currently as a dog trainer. I am contemplating joining the USArmy, USMC, or Canadian Forces after finishing my degree.

For any questions about Operation Bag of Home, feel free to e-mail riseabove or joriejc2 at operationBOH @yahoo .com - If you don't have a livejournal account but want to participate you MOST CERTAINLY CAN! Just email us!

Thank you everyone!

Your mods are:

riseabove & joriejc2


Total bags sent for 2008: 127 as of 4th Sept. 2008